Our Story

It started with a simple idea, and a common goal - to help website owners gather reliable data from their users without compromising the look and feel of their website. We found that it was a huge challenge to collect feedback that we could rely on, and use to gain direction in our own projects. The way other companies worked was either too obtrusive, or didn’t give us the right direction. Many people felt this pain, and when David Ordal presented our idea at Startup Weekend Tri-Valley, the team seemed to instantaneously form around it.

Each member of the team had something valuable to add, with developers and designers all complementing each other’s skill sets beautifully. It seemed that we had the perfect team to execute the idea. The idea flourished, and the team won first place that weekend. Since then, the project moved forward, constantly improving the user interface, and refining the product.

UserBallot is about helping website owners, both big and small, gather the ever valuable data that can help them refine their product and user experience, and keep people coming back for more. That’s what we aim to accomplish.