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Don't leave important decisions to chance!

Getting simple, easy to understand feedback from your users is key to making the right decisions. UserBallot is a simple feedback gathering tool that lets you get answers from more of your customers than ever before.

Simplicity is key.

Simple to implement, and simple to answer questions help you get the directional feedback you need to make better decisions. Limited to 99 characters, and requiring only one touch to answer, UserBallots provide a truly simple user experience that won't distract your visitors!

You're in control!

The Control Center is the place you go to create questions, and get real-time results from your users. Create simple yes or no feedback questions based on suggestions we provide, or your own ideas.

Working in minutes.

UserBallot is easy to use! Just copy and paste two lines of code into your website and you’re set. We give you step by step instructions, so whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, have a webmaster that supports you, or use Wordpress we have you covered!