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What's a UserBallot?

A UserBallot is a simple yes or no question you create that appears as a footer on your website and gently nudges your site visitors to engage! Getting simple, easy to understand feedback from your users is a step in the right direction toward making better decisions.

The Problem

Your online customers have short attention spans! Getting online customers to complete traditional surveys or just to engage with you is a problem you may have experienced. Think about your own reaction when asked to take a ‘few minutes’ to complete a survey.

Seamless Feedback

Take the friction out of the customer feedback experience and hear from more of your online visitors! Limited to one question and requiring only one touch to answer, UserBallots provide an elegant experience for your users and the directional feedback you need to make better decisions.

Is this for me?

If you have an online presence and a desire to be better connected to your users, you can benefit by becoming part of the UserBallot world! E-commerce site owners, bloggers, software startups, tech companies, political campaigners, government and non-governmental organizations are just some of the people benefiting.

You're in Control!

An easy to use Control Center puts question creation and results at your fingertips! Create short, simple yes or no feedback questions based on suggestions we provide, or your own ideas. See how your questions are performing in terms of response rate and numbers of yes versus no answers in real time!

You Create the Look and Feel

UserBallot is a simple to use customer feedback platform for serving up simple yes or no questions to your mobile and web site visitors alike. We've improved your Control Center and given you the ability to customize the look and feel of your 'UserBallots'. Feel free to take a look!

Getting Started

You’re only minutes away from a better way to get online customer feedback! Sign up for an account. Embed the code or have your website guy embed it for you. Use our plug-in if you’re a site owner / manager. Go! Your Control Center is the place to start creating questions and getting results!